The Re-evangelisation of England


The martyrdom of St Alban is evidence that there were Christians in England in the third century. Later Anglo-Saxon invasions helped paganism to reassert itself after the departure of the Roman legions.

The martyrdom of St Alban, c 305


The country was re-evangelised in the north from Iona by Irish-Celtic monks, led by St Aidan. 


The pectoral cross found with St Cuthbert's relics in Durham.


In the south, missionaries came from Rome sent by Pope Gregory the Great and led by St Augustine.

Christians at Prayer. Wall decoration at Lullingstone Roman Villa, Kent


In East Anglia, St Fursey from Ireland and St Felix, a Burgundian bishop sent from Canterbury, spearheaded a similar ‘dual mission’ in 635.


10th Century Irish High Cross from Clonmacnoise

    St Felix, Apostle of East Anglia      

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