Growing Together: Church and Society


The Churches together in England have contributed both jointly and severally to action on current social issues; the campaign on climate change, support for asylum-seekers, and challenging the call for euthanasia are all cases in point. The churches are ever active in the relief of homelessness and poverty.

The Archbishop of Canterbury with Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor
 and other faith leaders on a Walk of Witness, July 2008


The Churches working with the vulnerable:

Birth attendant in Bangaldesh,   Caring for the homeless,   Welcoming asylum seekers 


Both the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches have made a particular contribution in the field of education through their church schools. The Church of England continues to be involved in a distinctive way in the life of the nation through its bishops sitting in the House of Lords.

The Bishop of Norwich encourages work in education
and learns from the younger generation