The Emergence of a World Communion


As British colonists and merchants spread across the globe, Church of England chaplains followed, under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London. When the American colonies became independent a constitution was drawn up for the Anglican Church there and bishops were consecrated. In 1787 there followed a bishop for Nova Scotia and in 1814 the diocese of Calcutta was established.



As the number of new dioceses grew, so did the need for doctrinal coherence and discipline. The Colenso controversy in South Africa encouraged Archbishop Longley to call the first Lambeth Conference in 1867.

The Lambeth Conference 1867


The Lambeth Conference 1998



The worldwide Anglican Communion now comprises more than 80 million members in 44 regional and national member churches around the globe in more than 160 countries.

A full list of the 44 different churches (34 provinces, 4 United Churches, and 6 other churches) can be found at the Anglican Communion website:

The Lambeth Conference 2008


The Archbishop of Canterbury is not only Primate of the Church of England, he is also President of the world-wide Anglican Communion.


The 2009 Primates' Meeting, Alexandria, Egypt

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