This opportune moment


So what are we to say of the future of the Anglican Centre?
Archbishop David Moxon, our former Director, fervently believes that “this is a kairos moment to be in Rome and working from the Anglican Centre.” Why? Because God’s gift of unity which is overcoming centuries of Christian division is also releasing new energy for witness in a divided world. The evidence is plentiful and the montage on the opposite page gives just a glimpse of some of the ways in which the Centre is stepping out into this opportune moment.
For example, Archbishop David continues, “for the first time since the Reformation Anglicans and Catholics are collaborating in a serious, in-depth, long term mission to challenge global evil.” This was clearly demonstrated in the Centre’s role in supporting the signing and proclamation in Rome of a Global faith leaders’ declaration against modern slavery, attended by the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The pursuit of social justice is fundamental to the Centre’s work.
LibraryRight at the heart of the Anglican Centre’s mission is a commitment to education. Today, our library is being renewed, our traditional provision for scholars from around the world is expanding through a new bursary scheme, and new programmes are being developed and delivered for men and women training for ordained ministry and carrying the responsibilities of Christian leadership across the Anglican Communion. A diverse list of courses planned for 2017/18 includes “Women’s Leadership in Christian History”; “Power and Politics and the Church”; and "Anglicans and the Saints".
The Centre is a place of hospitality which introduces its many visitors from across the globe to its vision of unity, and through dialogue and friendship encourages them to become a part of this project. Last year, over 2,500 people passed through its doors from 16 countries, as the Centre is increasingly a reference and resourcing point for a wide range of ecumenical visitors, scholars and pilgrims.
Simply DivineFinally, the Centre is a living symbol of hope, a place where through daily prayer and worship, the unity that Christ alone gives comes into remarkable focus. One hot, Roman afternoon, the Simply Divine Youth Group from south London, found its way to the Centre and spent time praying there. These young pilgrims described the Centre as “an amazing place” and left behind this amazing image of unity!
This is indeed an opportune time – a time we believe for your support and commitment.

Staff Member, 12/01/2017