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Assisi Panorama

The Anglican Centre brings people from around the world to Rome, to gain a first-hand experience of the ancient and modern Christian city of Rome. We hold regular courses, invite seminaries and theological colleges to hold study visits in Rome, and help parishes as they plan pilgrimages here.

Future courses

RomanForumThe Anglican Centre's draft programme of courses for 2019 was published here on 10 September 2018. Details are being added, including itineraries, reading lists, guest lectures, procedures for bursaries and costs. See what a difference studying in Rome might make to your ministry.

We are particularly keen to help people from the two-thirds world to visit Rome and have a number of bursaries available for all of our courses.

For more information, please contact our courses manager at pa-courses@anglicancentre.it

St Mellitus 2"It has given me great optimism and encouragement for ... the future of the global church. It was a chance to see and hear how much unites us, as opposed to divides us, but also understand more about the scale of the labour of prayer and practicality that underlies this ecumenical effort. It has encouraged me to think and reflect on how I can work ecumenically in my curacy parish."
Student, St Mellitus study visit, 2016

"I expected the course to be like so many other courses I have taken - lectures and small groups. The great thing about this course was the balance between time listening and time experiencing the wonders of who we were learning about. Around every corner and behind every door were something new, beautiful, and filled with God's grace."
Christian Leaders course, 2015

Course sem room“The course was great. If only there were funds to run it 1000 times over,  the problems of the Communion could largely be resolved.”
In the steps of St Augustine, 2013

“I leave Rome inspired by the saints (both ancient and modern). The prayers of the faithful, especially at San Damiano, the Hermitage, and the Catacombs were deeply affecting and will stay ever with me.”
Christian Leaders course 2015


"I came thirsty and I drank from the life-giving waters." Exploration in Rome course, 2013

"In April I was blessed to spend a week in the company of an inspiring, international, and diverse group to share our experiences of being women in church leadership, and to share together new experiences as we explored the riches of Rome's Christian heritage (and its gelato). The Anglican Centre gave us a wonderfully hospitable welcome; it was a home from home in the heart of this unique city. The friendships struck-up during this week, the insights gained, and the gift of time to enjoying contemplating the call to serve God as women, will long stay with me."
Women in Leadership course, 2016