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The dove on the tree in the centre, holding a piece of foliage is a sign of the Holy Spirit, as a bringer of good news, as was the dove which brought this sign of new beginnings to Noah . The dove is also a sign of the Kingdom of God of which Christ spoke, this kingdom being like a tree in whose branches many birds may come and roost. The mosaic style is typical of the northern Mediterranean in which Rome and Italy are set.
The cross is a sign to us of the triumph of God in Christ over the power of sin and death .
The butterflies are a sign of the resurrection, the liberation and freedom that God’s new creation can mean for us and for all the world.
The shell is a symbol of the common baptism of all members of the Body of Christ on earth.
The Anglican Centre in Rome is therefore a site of the good news of a new creation. The Centre is a place to which a person can fly in as it were, can come ,can rest and can be re invigorated by the grace and hope of God, who seeks the reconciliation of all people and all of creation in the divine purpose.