This annual pilgrimage on St Paul’s sites organized by the Anglican Centre in Rome and led by Professor Scott Brodeur SJ from the Pontifical Gregorian University attracted 17 participants this year coming from different parts of the world. On the first day, while we encountered the Jewish context from which St Paul is from, we had the joy of having as our guest speaker Rabbi Ariel Di Porto speaking on the theme: -“ An overview of the past, present and Future State of Jewish-Christian Relations”


Apart from the visits of important sites where St Paul lived, taught and martyred, much time was given to the daily teachings from the Letter of St Paul to the Romans. This was greatly appreciated by all those present.


Comments from the participants: -

“A beautiful pilgrimage with deep spiritual conversations !”

“A fantastic week and truly unforgettable learning experience which nourished my faith and strengthened the Christian hope which I am called to be filled with.”