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Global Freedom Network

God’s world in which all can walk free
On his visit to Pope Francis in June 2013, Archbishop Justin raised the challenge of human trafficking as an issue for the churches and for him personally. It was something that resonated with the Pope, who had initiated this challenge within the Roman Catholic Church some months earlier. I have been involved in long and pains-taking negotiations over the months since then, helping to broker what is an unprecedented collaboration that we have called the “Global Freedom Network” to help eradicate modern slavery from a faith base, working alongside the Australian Ambassador to the Holy See John McCarthy , and Ms Antonia Stampalija the incoming Global Freedom Network Chief Executive.  Today ( March 17th) I was a co-signatory to the agreement, as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See, along with Bishop Sanchez Sorondo on behalf of the Holy Father,  Dr Mahmoud Azab on behalf of the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Egypt, and Mr Andrew Forrest, the Chief Executive of the large international philanthropic anti-slavery NGO from Perth Western Australia “Walk Free”.
This is an example of practical mission-based ecumenism, where Anglicans and Roman Catholics, working in good faith together with many others, will coordinate their efforts to challenge one of the world’s worst evils and greatest forms of suffering. When mission drives ecumenism in this way, we will discover a deep and abiding communion, recognising Christ in our midst.  The Anglican Centre is committed to this work: One Church, for one world – God’s world – in which all can walk free.

(Author: David Moxon)

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