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ARCIC III meeting in Rome

COMMUNIQUÉ  5th May 2015
ARCIC CoChairs Archbishops Longley & Moxon

"impossible to exaggerate" the power of unity




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Pentecost: Inspired for our mission of reconciliation and healing

The Spirit is the energy and creativity and life-giving flow of the “Go between God”. This means that we are always experiencing the flow of grace and power that is God in action, whether we feel it, or recognise it, or not. From the very first moment of creation this energising and transforming energy is flowing and swirling and creating.  This same Spirits fires the life of ecumenism today calling us to become one again, moving us to greater synergy for the sake of righteousness and justice. We are not here as the Anglican Centre in Rome under our own steam as it were, or for our own sake, but for the sake of something much bigger and much more significant: the coming in of the kingdom of God on earth. Pray that the Spirit of God will be recognised and experienced more and more in the midst of our challenges and inter-church disagreements, as the “go between” reality, the personal initiative of God to reconcile and heal, in order that we may become a more unified witness to a world which desperately needs the reconciling and healing we have been entrusted to share.


We are here to promote Christian unity in a divided world. Our focus is developing deeper relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion, so that these two great world-wide bodies are more effective instruments of the justice and righteousness of God amongst those who suffer the most, those trapped in poverty and oppression .
Christ's will is that we should be one: His reconciled and reconciling body.
We believe that when mission drives ecumenism, we will discover a deep and abiding communion, recognising Christ in our midst. We hope that you will identify with our purpose and that you will learn more about our work through this website.

Our mission statement
The Anglican Centre in Rome is the permanent Anglican presence in Rome.
It is a living symbol of our Communion's commitment to the unity of the Church.
It stands for our desire to work collaboratively with all Christians for justice and peace in the world
and for the flourishing of all God's children whatever their origin or status.
The Centre's Director is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See.
We have a ministry of hospitality and prayer, and provide educational opportunities and resources.
We foster dialogue, friendship and respect.
Above all, our vision is of One Church, for one world - God's world.

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The Anglican Centre in Rome - A UK Charity with a world-wide mission
Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Piazza del Collegio Romano 2, 00186 Roma, Italy.  Tel: +39 06 678 0302