Promoting Christian unity
in a divided world

Welcome to the Anglican Centre in Rome

We can offer you the library resources at the Anglican Centre in Rome and its on-line catalogue.
We are pleased to invite groups who wish to arrange an experience that suits them, rather than only offering set courses.
We have various courses that run at different times of the year. Discover if there is a course for you.
View a selection of Photographs from courses at the Anglican Centre going back to 2009.
For many years, building relations and understanding between Anglican and Roman Catholic Christians depended on personal, informal and unofficial...
There is an old saying which goes “God listens to me when I pray, but loves me when I sing”.

The Anglican Centre in Rome is the permanent Anglican Communion presence in Rome. It is a living symbol of our Communion's commitment to the full visible unity of the Church. It stands for our desire to work collaboratively with all Christians for justice and peace in the world and for the flourishing of all God's children whatever their origin or status.

The Anglican Centre in Rome
March 22nd marked the 50th anniversary of the Dedication of the Anglican Centre
Visiting Rome
For fifty years the Anglican Centre in Rome has welcomed visitors to Rome and enabled them to make the best of their visit, whether as individuals or as groups, whether having an informal holiday, on pilgrimage, making contact with Vatican officials, or undertaking study.