For over forty years the Anglican Centre in Rome has built mutual trust, affection and respect between the Churches of the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church, after long centuries of disharmony.

It is vital that the Centre continues its role as a resource and beacon in the process of reconciliation.  So the Centre needs to be financially secure in the long term.

A number of those who support the Centre financially would like to be able to do more, but are aware of constraints upon them, not least with the "credit crunch" of recent times.  Many of us have the greatest part of our equity tied up in our homes, which cannot be accessed until after death.

By leaving a legacy to the Anglican Centre, you will be helping to ensure that it continues its work and witness.

Those who have made bequests to the Anglican Centre may have their names recorded on the list of benefactors on view in the Chapel of the Centre, if they wish.

Even if you already have a will, you can still eave a legacy to the Anglican Centre by completing a codicil.

You do not need to tell the Anglican Centre that you are leaving it a legacy.  However, it would be helpful to know, to aid long-term planning, and it would give us a chance to thank you for your support. Informing us does not mean you are under any obligation. If you wish to inform us, please contact the Development Officer at: [email protected]

In the UK gifts made to the Anglican Centre in Rome, a charity registered in England, are exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Other countries may have different arrangements and you may wish to consult your solicitor/attorney.