The Anglican Centre in Rome is a place of learning, a place of encounter, a home for pilgrimage, and a symbol of hope.

We are only able to live into this profound vocation because of the generosity of supporters from around the world. The grants from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion Office do not come close to funding the work and mission of the Centre in the twenty-first century. We need to raise about £250,000 each year (€300,000) to meet the running costs of the Centre. The staff of the Anglican Centre is small and has a modest budget - you can see a summary of our needs and opportunities here. To survive day-to-day we rely on supporters around the world, who support us through prayer, engagement, and giving.

Your friendship is vital to flourishing of the Anglican Centre.

Please support us today.

Why do we need your support?

Presence and Premises

The Anglican Centre is a permanent Anglican presence in Rome and a living and lively place for people to meet, pray, learn and grow. The Director holds a special place as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s official representative to the Vatican. From this presence, all else follows. A key priority of the Appeal is to ensure that the Centre is able to maintain its premises in Rome and cover the essential costs of leasing and maintaining accommodation within the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, including the modest costs associated with resourcing St. Augustine’s Chapel.

People and Programmes

Building on the unique educational work for which the Centre has become known, we have ambitious plans to establish the Centre as the leading global resource in the Anglican Communion for education and formation in the theology, practice and spirituality of ecumenical mission. In order to achieve this we have created the role of Deputy Director, and administrative support, to sustain the rapidly growing interest in all aspects of the Centre’s life and mission. Alongside this, we are committed to keeping The John Moorman Library up to date with new acquisitions, conserving its priceless collections for future generations and making the library better known and more accessible.

Participation and Proclamation

We want to bring together more emerging Christian leaders from across the Anglican Communion to experience first-hand the Centre’s powerful ecumenical vision. We are welcoming more pilgrims from across the globe than ever before – from five different continents in the last year alone. Yet much remains to be done. Many gifted individuals are missing out on this opportunity simply because they cannot afford to come to the Centre. By securing funding for bursaries we can do much to ensure that students from across the Communion can travel to the Centre, forging friendships and understanding that will last a lifetime, greatly enriching the Centre’s life and witnessing to a world in urgent need of the good news of peace and reconciliation. The Centre works closely with the Catholic lay community, St. Egidio in Rome, who minister to the poor and disadvantaged, and is helping facilitate a similar mission in England. We need funding also to develop this aspect of the Centre’s ministry.

What can I do to help?

Join the UK Friends

In recent years the UK Friends have organised a major celebration of the Anglican Centre with the Archbishop of Canterbury in Westminster Abbey and a reception with His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales at Lambeth Palace.

Join the American Friends

The American Friends of the Anglican Centre organise regular pilgrimages to Rome, as well as events in the States, especially when the Director comes to visit. In 2017 Archbishop Moxon and other Governors of the Centre visited, preached, and gave talks in Virginia, New York, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago.

From anywhere else in world?

We have friends and supporters across the world - but if you don't see someone from your country, get in touch and help us set something up!