The UK Friends support the Anglican Centre in the UK, organising events, services, visits, and parties to celebrate and advertise the work of the Anglican Centre around the country. In June 2016, for example, we held a celebratory evensong at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Centre, with over 1,400 people attending and in January 2017, the Archbishop of Canterbury hosted a reception for the Anglican Centre with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at Lambeth Palace. We usually host two meetings a year in London, at Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral. 

We also support the Centre financially, as we need to raise over £300,000 each year to meet the running costs of the Centre. The support of donors by gifts of any amount is invaluable. Donations can be one-off, or continue over a specified time.

We’d like to invite you to join the Friends. This means giving £5 or more a month to the Centre, or at least the equivalent annually: if 600 well-wishers did so, with Gift Aid we would raise £45,000 a year, thus transforming the Centre's finances. We invite churches and parishes to join the Friends, by contributing £60 or more a year, with Gift Aid.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.