On 29th June 2021, the Governors of the Anglican Centre in Rome announced an Urgent Appeal for 200,000 Euros, to support core costs at a time of massive financial challenge and deep uncertainty. This was to ensure that the Centre’s urgent work could be secured, developed and emerge refreshed from the pandemic in order to serve the Church and work for the full visible unity of Christians as it has for over half a century. Today, we are delighted to announce the success of that Appeal, which has surpassed its goal. We are deeply and profoundly grateful to all our donors, including many Friends of the Centre from around the world. We have been able to engage new friends as well as long-standing supporters. We have been delighted to energise old networks and create new links across the world, all of which will feed into the Centre’s work over the coming years.


The Director of the Anglican Centre, Archbishop Ian Ernest, said, “The unexpected positive outcome from the Urgent Appeal reveals the interest of many people who, around the world,  value the gift of ecumenism. We are deeply encouraged and strengthened as we wish to give a greater sense of purpose to the Anglican Presence in Rome. I wish here to express my profound gratitude to all who have acted on our call with generosity. May the Lord in his bountiful mercy bless you!”


The Chair of Governors, Bishop Michael Burrows, said, “The success of the Urgent Appeal is great news for us all at Eastertide. It would not have happened without the commitment and determination of one of our Governors, Canon Jamie Hawkey and to him and to all who worked with him go our deepest thanks. We have been heartened by the gifts and interest of supporters new and old. As we continue to plan strategically and sustainably for the future of the Centre and its vital work, we trust that our vision will be worthy of your generosity.”


If you would like to support the Centre, you can make a donation HERE