18th January 2021.


Called by God.


As we, Christians from different denominations, are called to pray for each other and to meet with each other, in the coming week, it would be an imperative for us to first assess our lives as children of God and disciples of Christ. This will offer to us an opportunity to live an enriching experience that would help us to see whether we really, are a people who live from a vision. The theme chosen for this year spells out a way forward for the Church: we are invited by Jesus to abide in his love so that we bear much fruit. If we live from such a vision, then we live to be true witnesses of the love of Christ to our broken and divided world.  God’s living and loving presence can then, through us, bring restoration and healing.


Prayer: - Open our hearts and minds, O Lord to your presence. As we seek it, strengthen our faith and guide our steps so that we may contemplate the beauty of your love. Through Jesus we pray. Amen


19th January 2021


Maturing internally.


Today, because of some limitations to cope with the harsh realities of our existence, there is, on the part of some, a hunger to grow spiritually. Even outside the church, many people are showing an interest in matters that are spiritual. But what about us, who profess to be Christians? Are we growing spiritually?  First, we have to be aware that Spiritual growth begins with a decision to abide in Christ and that it is a life-long process. Secondly, we have to know, if we wish to mature in our faith, that prayer is indispensable. It provides us with a daily quiet time with God and enables us to reach out to Him from the depth of our soul and listen to him speak to us.  Only then, we can serve and witness to God’s love with a sense of purpose.


Prayer: Almighty God, we believe that you are with us as we look to you for your grace. Make us aware of your presence, and grant us willing hearts to always love and serve you. Through Jesus Christ. Amen


20th January 2021

Forming one body.


Societal issues do trouble us. Divisions prevail, relationships are worn out, poverty daily creeps in and fear is in the air. Can we survive?   The theme, this year, for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, is setting our hearts on a dream: “to bear much fruit.” As God’s people, we Christians have much in common. This should urge us, to bear fruits that can instill hope in the hearts of people. One of these fruits is to forge a bond of love and courage that transcends all boundaries that put at stake human dignity. It is our responsibility, as the Body of Christ, to develop a culture of love and caring.  We are called to learn to put the interests of others above one’s own interest and to love the world and to care for it. This is how we can say that we love God.


Prayer: Let our hearts be open to your living presence so that we discover the riches of your Kingdom. Amen

21st January 2021


Praying together


From my own experience of prayer and from what I have learnt from men and women of prayer and from Jesus himself, I am convinced that prayer is the source of hope, joy and inner peace.  These values are in short supply these days as we live in a world which is not connected to the Kingdom of God. Many people are sometimes disillusioned as they meet with what they call the silence of God. Unfortunately, too often, it is expected that God responds on our terms and gives us what we want. But as Christians, we are called to think of prayer not as asking but as fulfilling God’s will. God gives to us, a wonderful opportunity to engage in the world through the ministry of prayer. It would, thus, be fruitful for two or three, as disciples of Jesus, to gather together in prayer so that the Love of God as revealed in Christ, may reach people’s hearts, as we pray.


Prayer: Lord, sustain us in our quest to be attentive to your presence in our lives. Help us to be aware that peace, hope and joy can never be felt if we do not gather together to draw our strength from you. Amen


22nd January 2021


Letting oneself be transformed by the Word

As we are called during this Week of Prayer to “abide in the love of Christ”, it would be important to know that Jesus is also designated as “the Word”. Jesus is the Word as he expresses through his words and deeds, the power and love of God. The history of the Word dates back to the beginning of all things and the Word reveals the thought and the will of our Creator. Our God is a God who speaks and through him, the world is created, prophets are inspired and His Son is sent into the world. And when we hear and welcome God’s Word in our hearts, God comes and abides in us in love. And where there is love, we become more human and fellowship makes its way in our daily lives as the work of the Word of God releases healing and restoration. It would thus, be fruitful for us to gather together to meditate over a “Biblical text” as the Word of God has the power to “change our outlook.”


Prayer: Lord, may your “Word be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path”. Amen

23rd January 2021


Welcoming others


Jesus said that we are “the light of the World”. What does it mean for us to be the light in our world today? Prophet Isaiah did mention that a lack of depth in the practice of our faith brings darkness in the world and that it weakens the relationship with God and with others. It is also an issue for us today. So, our calling as disciples of Christ, “light to the World”, is to help our people, through different channels to focus their minds and hearts on God. This approach should enable them to discover that they have gifts that they can share with others. What God requires of us is to give space to the Light of God to shine through us as we reach out to others. Our world expects us to be welcoming as Jesus was. Can we respond to our calling by the shining light of sacrificial love?


Prayer: How wonderful O Lord, it is for us to come in your presence. May your light shine in our hearts so that we may find hospitality, help, hope and love. Amen

24th January 2021


Growing in Unity


During this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we are reminded that Jesus prays for us. He prays that we “might be one”. This seems to be of ultimate importance for him and His words compel us to sincerely evaluate how we act and behave as one. The world will only believe when we are one. This is only possible when we are one in Christ as He and his Father are one. He was totally obedient to his Father, so that God’s work be accomplished.  So, it would be good for us to see ourselves as part of the Body of Christ and to obediently surrender to God, Father, Son and Spirit, through whom we can grow in unity. The more we grow as we abide in the love of Christ, the more we will discover the unique beauty of the other members of the Church.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, bind us to you with the bond of an endless love so that we may reach out with love those who are different from us. Amen

25th January 2021


Reconciling with all of creation


As we look at the world which God loves, we note that there is a great lack of compassion and consideration towards others. There are still violations of human rights, environmental crises, persecutions, displacement of people on the grounds of ethnic and religious considerations and the most distressing trauma of poverty.

We seem to live as Jesus said like “sheep without a shepherd”. We are losing our humanity. There is a need for us, if we wish “to bear much fruit”, to look for the appropriate motivation so that we be creative to build up a world where justice and peace kiss each other. The appropriate motivation comes from listening attentively to what the Lord requires of us: “to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with God.” A living faith empowered by God’s presence can bring about a change of heart and bring people to have a taste of God’s love.


Prayer: We are grateful to you, heavenly Father, for your many gifts which you give to us in spite of our unworthiness. Help us to learn from you how to be compassionate and considerate to others. Amen