The annual “Pilgrimage: in the footsteps of St Paul” took place from the 13 – 15th of June. It was led by Fr. Scott Brodeur SJ. Bishops, clergy and lay people from Australia, Malaysia, United States, Canada, England, Mauritius and Rome participated in the pilgrimage. It was a life transforming experience for all those who were present.


It started with the Eucharist service at the ACR. Then the pilgrims visited at the Doria Pamphilj Palazzo the house arrest of Saint Paul, down in the basement. As it was the day of exposure to the Jewish world, we then visited the Synagogue and the Jewish museum, where we were introduced to the life of Jews in Rome in the past and in the present time. It ended with a talk where Rabbi Prof. Dr. David Meyer, talked about the relationship between Christianity and Judaism: the opportunities and the challanges.


On the second day, the participants had an exposure to the pagan Rome, which included the visit to the Capitoline Hill. In the afternoon the journey continued with visits to locations where St. Paul and the early Christians lived and shared the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.


On the last day, the pilgrims under the guidance of Fr. Brodeur and Ms. Simona Tonti from the Focolare movement guided us when we visited the place of martyrdom of St. Paul located at the Tre Fontane Abbey. We spend some time in communion with God and with each other, and that became an important poignant highlight of our pilgrimage. Following this visit we went to the Basilica of St.  Paul’s outside the Walls where we prayed at the burial place of St. Paul. The Archpriest Cardinal James Harvey welcomed us and accompanied us during the tour of the Basilica. We were then invited for lunch, offered by His Eminence.  And in the evening the pilgrims went to San Clemente and S. Paolo alla Regola to hear more of the life of the  early Christians in Rome. In the evening, the pilgrimage came to an end with a time of worship and farewell reception. The participants were very happy about the pilgrimage and mentioned that they will recommend this pilgrimage to their friends and respective diocesan and parochial communities.


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