The week of Prayer for Christian Unity for this year was inaugurated on the 17th of January by a Vigil of Prayer organized jointly by the Anglican Centre in Rome, the Methodist Ecumenical Office, Rome and the Centro Pro Unione. This is now becoming an annual feature.


On the 18th, Father Anthony Currer from the PCPCU was the preacher at our Eucharist.


On the 19th, Archbishop Ernest preached in Italian at the Parish of S. Leone at an Ecumenical Celebration organized by the Diocese of Rome. It was attended by Church leaders from different Christian denominations and was presided by Monsignor Paolo Selvadagi.  To read Archbishop Ian's Sermon, please press here


On the 20th, an Ecumenical Serv ice was held at the Parrochia of  Santi Valentino E Ilario in the Diocese of Viterbo. The diocesan bishop Monsignor Lino Fumagalli presided and preached for the occasion.

To read Archbishop Ian's Sermon at the San Leone I Parish, on occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, please press here